MOGenerator integration in XCode

MOGenerator is a command line utility that generates NSManagedObject class files based on you model files. It creates a NSManagedObject derived class for each entity of your model. The utility can be run manually every time you change your model files (.xcdatamodeld). This manual process can easily be forgotten, and ideally we want it to […]

XCode Build and Version numbers based on GIT

Since XCode 4.3 you can find in the Summary Tab of your targets the following fields: Version and Build. Version should be used to identify the “comercial” version of your app, something like 2.0, for more details on how to proper change version numbers have a look at Build should be a internal number to unique […]

Core Data – How to organize your contexts

One of the main questions people have when using CoreData is how to organize their contexts. This theme always causes fired up debates of what is the best technique. In the following links you can find an explanation of main approaches and some pitfalls.

The Telegraph for iPad

Selected as Editor’s Choice on the App Store, The Telegraph for iPad delivers agenda-setting news, business and sport seven days a week. Features include: Full-screen photo galleries of the day’s best images, videos and infographics. Weekend magazines and supplements Daily crosswords and Sudoku A 30 day archive of editions Offline reading Role: Senior Software Engineer Client: The […]