• Good tutorials

  • How to uninstall IPhone SDK

    To completely uninstall XCode and all IPhone Developer Platforms just write this command in a Terminal Shell. sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all After the command as ended just do a restart to your machine.

  • ARKit

    An interesting project that gives a framework for an AR project using the GPS and the Compass

  • OpenCV on the IPhone

    Found this great post about compiling OpenCV on the IPhone.

  • Access Web Services in IPhone

    Recently we had a small project for the IPhone where we need to retrieve data from a web service. Our first aproach was to see if in the Apple SDK for the IPhone was something like the WSMakeStubs tool in Mac OSx. We didn’t found anything similar  and we are almost implementing the requests and xml parsing…

  • Create and use a static library

    After some time developing iphone applications I was starting to have a huge codebase that was shared between several projects. In order to avoid to mantain the same classes files to all the projects I started to look for a way to create a shared library. After some “google” around I found some techniques, but…

  • Idle Timer and Network

    One of the problems that I stumble upon was when doing long network operations on the IPhone, like downloading a big file, the operation never ended with success. The download always failed with an IO problem, after some investigation I found out that the problem was the battery saver of the IPhone. The thing is…

  • Rename an Application

    Sometimes you start a project with a name in mind for your application. Then you discover that the name is already taken by other app or you want to change it. If you only want to change the name that appears bellow the application icon just go to your info.plist file and change the CGBundleDisplayName…

  • Disk Free Size

    To know how much free disk you have available on your iPhone/iTouch just execute this simple code: NSDictionary * fsAttributes = [ [NSFileManager defaultManager] fileSystemAttributesAtPath:NSTemporaryDirectory()]; NSNumber * freeSize = [fsAttributes objectForKey:NSFileSystemFreeSize]; You can also use the same dictionary to know the total disk size by reading the NSFileSystemSize key.

  • Disable Auto-Lock

    One of the security features of the iPhone is the Auto-Lock feature, this feature basically locks your phone if you don’t use it for a configured time ( normally one minute). The problem of this feature is that it turns off WIFI or 3G connectivity. This can be hassle when you need to run a…