James is an iPhone application for the hospitality sector. I was the Software Architect and Developer for the first version, a prototype for the W hotel in Montreal. After that I have been the Software Architect for version 2, helping a team of 4 developers developing the IPhone client application and the Backoffice.

Position: Software Architect
Client: YDreams and GreenVision Media
URL: AppStorewww.gvmcorp.com

Paragliding Simulator

Paragliding 3D Simulator for the Linhares da Beira area. The graphic simulation is integrated in the castle tower and you interact with the simulator using a real paragliding wing controls.

Position: Software Developer
Client: YDreams and Municipality of Linhares da Beira

Virtual Sighseeing

Journey beyond what your eyes can see with Virtual Sightseeing® – YDreams new scenic viewer for parks, monuments and heritage sites. Featuring an impressive design, a truly intuitive interface and enhanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the VS Scenic Viewer provides an exciting way to explore information about the world that surrounds us. Aiming the Virtual Sightseeing® unit at a landmark or notable point in the landscape gives you instant access to multimedia content super-imposed over the geo-referenced points the user chooses to learn more about.

I was responsible for the development for the first prototype and launch of the first unit in the Pinhel Castle. Then I followed as project manager for version 1, 2 and 3. This product was deployed in several national monuments in Portugal: Cascais, Panteão Nacional, Castelo de Linhares da Beira, Castelo Novo.

Position: Project Manager.
Client: YDreams

Adidas Eye Ball

Berlin Setup

The Adidas Eye Ball visited Berlin, Barcelona, London, Manchester, Cologne, Paris and Milan, leaving an impact on all these vibrant locations. It also contributed towards Adidas winning the 2006 Eurobest Campaign Award.

Adidas, one of the main sponsors of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, held in Germany, wanted to impact football fans and connect with them in inventive ways.

YDreams developed two 6-meter interactive multimedia orbs equipped with vanguard technology and a stunning design. Fans could connect to the Ball using their mobiles, or view real-time information on football news, weather information and access exclusive content related to Adidas sponsored players and teams. They could also test their speed skills by chasing a virtual onscreen soccer ball, or take part in a “cheer the loudest” type contest.

Position: Project Manager for setup and installation in Barcelona and Berlin.
Client: YDreams and Adidas

Lex Ferrum

Multiplayer Bluetooth location based game developed for Nokia N-Gage launch in Portugal.

Position: Software Developer
Client: YDreams and Nokia PT

Mobile Spooks

Mobile game for the Spooks show.

Position: Project Manager
Client: YDreams, Magic Lantern and BBC

Undercover 2

Undercover 2 was a location based multiplayer game deployed world wide. I was the project management responsible for the software and design teans and coordination with sales and marketing.
The game was played by more that 10.000 players worldwide. It was a runner up in in the Navtech awards in 3GSM 2006 in the best mobile game category.

Position: Project Manager
Client: YDreams

Virtual Alqueva

Flood simulation using GIS data to show the impact of the Alqueva Dam in the surrounding areas.

Position:Software Developer
Client: YDreams and IDEA