• Application Folders

    I found in Apple documentation a good write up about the iOS application folders and how to use them.  

  • Core Data – How to organize your contexts

    One of the main questions people have when using CoreData is how to organize their contexts. This theme always causes fired up debates of what is the best technique. In the following links you can find an explanation of main approaches and some pitfalls.

  • Core Data Issues

    iOS 5 brought a new way of organising your contexts(parent0-child) but be aware it also brought some interesting bugs:

  • Font Awesome

    A cool font and even better iOS integration.

  • The Complete List of Objective-C 2.0 @ Compiler Directives

  • Great iOS Libraries

  • The Economist for iPad

    The Economist for iPad

    The Economist is arguably the most famous of all newspaper titles, and its loyal readership contains some of the world’s most influential business leaders. One of the first publications to launch on the iPad, features include: Editors highlights – offering a free preview of each weekly edition Offline reading and background downloading of editions Full […]

  • All you need is Fonts

    General Info iOS 5 Fonts iOS 4 Fonts Custom Fonts