• Aztec: A native HTML editor

    Aztec: A native HTML editor

    One of the most important aspects of the WordPress app is the post editor, after all the content generated by our users is what make their site different from all the others. Since we started developing the WordPress apps, we wanted to provide the best writing experience to our users, writing is already hard by […]

  • Font Metrics update

    Font Metrics update

    I developed FontMetrics some years ago when I was working for several publishing clients. Clients in publishing normally want to use their own brand fonts and have precise requirements regarding layout and text alignments. This was a bit tricky to do with the iOS text system at the time, so I developed this app to […]

  • Quicker Unit Test in iOS

    Today while reviewing a PR on the WordPress iOS app just found about this very interesting technique to make iOS unit tests run quicker and more contained. Simple and very efficient.  

  • A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad

    A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad

    Originally posted on News:
    Over the past few months we’ve been working to dramatically improve users’ experience on iPad — and we’re proud to share those with you now, in our WordPress app for iOS, available in the iTunes Store. The apps were originally designed with only iPhones in mind, so we wanted…


    Last year Automattic, the company that I work for, bought the .blog domain  and being a generous company they decided to offer to all automatticians  the domain of their choice! So say hello to my new domain: !! So from now on I will start using this new home for my personal writing:  travel, review […]

  • Automattic GM 2016 – Whistler

    Automattic GM 2016 – Whistler

    This year the Automattic Grand Meetup was in Whistler village. The Grand Meetup is an annual event where all workers of Automattic meet in a single place, do new friendships renew some old ones, have fun together and plan the year ahead. The week started with a big town hall where Matt Mullenweg (our CEO) […]

  • Try Swift! NYC

    Try Swift! NYC

    This year I had the opportunity to attend Try Swift! NYC, a conference dedicated 100% to Swift development. This is a fairly new conference, the first edition was back in March in Tokyo, but the organization level was excellent. From the initial website, the registration process, pre-conference events, the conference itself all was great. It […]

  • Crashes on iOS 10

    I spent the last week watching Apple WWDC videos, and after downloading Xcode 8 I was testing several of my libraries and applications. While testing the WPMediaPicker library I found that the sample app was crashing every time I opened the picker. After some investing on the code I found that the app was crashing the […]

  • JSON Deserialization in Swift

    Some time ago when Swift was announced there was a big discussion in the iOS development community about JSON deserialisation and the right way to implement it. At the time, I didn’t give it much attention because I was still committed to Objective-C and didn’t have any immediate requirements to use Swift. Fast forward two […]

  • Our software must get “a lot” better

    Great post from Seth Godin about the issues with “free” software. The examples he provides in the article are good ones but there is a plenty of good companies and individuals out there doing free software that is great, see WordPress, Linux, Slack and many others.