Geo Alert

Geo Alert is an alert application that uses locations instead of time to trigger an alarm. You can use it for:

  • While commuting you want to sleep a bit and be alerted when you are arriving to a certain destination.
  • Alert you when you near your local store to buy milk.

I hope you enjoy it.

Geo Alert - Sergio Estevao

4 responses to “Geo Alert”

  1. Do you develop on the android platform?I have a nice idea that works with the geofencing app of yours,but unfortunately it cannot be implemented on iOS.


  2. Is it possible to be able to sort the list of alerts by the closest one?
    another thought would be to be able to see the address in text, not just the map location?


  3. I like your app, but I have a question: does it run in the background? I’ll be using a gps nav app and I want your app to notify me when I’m approaching a critical turn.



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