• Paragliding Simulator

    Paragliding Simulator

    Paragliding 3D Simulator for the Linhares da Beira area. The graphic simulation is integrated in the castle tower and you interact with the simulator using a real paragliding wing controls. Position: Software Developer Client: YDreams and Municipality of Linhares da Beira

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Mobile Game

    Responsible for the pre-production of the game, selection of outsourcing partners and requirements definition. Technology consultant and quality assurance in the development phase. Position: Project Manager Client: YDreams URL:

  • Adidas Eye Ball

    The Adidas Eye Ball visited Berlin, Barcelona, London, Manchester, Cologne, Paris and Milan, leaving an impact on all these vibrant locations. It also contributed towards Adidas winning the 2006 Eurobest Campaign Award. Adidas, one of the main sponsors of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, held in Germany, wanted to impact football fans and connect with…

  • Mobile Spooks

    Mobile game for the Spooks show. Position: Project Manager Client: YDreams, Magic Lantern and BBC

  • Undercover 2

    Undercover 2

    Undercover 2 was a location based multiplayer game deployed world wide. I was the project management responsible for the software and design teans and coordination with sales and marketing. The game was played by more that 10.000 players worldwide. It was a runner up in in the Navtech awards in 3GSM 2006 in the best…

  • RockStar 2

    Rockstar 2 was a single player platform game developed for Nokia terminals, it was deployed in several european countries and had more than 5000 thousand downloads. Position:Software Developer. Client: YDreams and Vodafone