Getting Started

Welcome to iPhone Adventures, this goal of this blog is to share information about programming to the iPhone/ITouch using the official Apple SDK.

In order for you to program to the iPhone you need to do following:

– Register in the iPhone Developer Program

– Download the SDK, you will need a Mac with the Leopard OS to use it.

– Read the official documentation and check the samples. One good document to start is the iPhone OS Programming Guide. For the people new to Objective-C/Cocoa you may need to read some tutorials before you start to program for iPhone, Cocoa Dev Central has excelent tutorials. 

– Check the samples  provided by Apple.

– Create your first application and test it on the emulator.

– In order to test it on the device (hope you already bought one 🙂 ) and then register to the iPhone Developer Program. You will need to pay at least $99 USD and wait some days for Apple approval.

– After you application is tested on a device you can submit to the AppStore or distribute to your friend using Ad-Hoc distribution.

See you soon

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