Compile and Run an Application for a real device

After you subscribe and pay for the IPhone Developer Program, you will have access to the “Program Portal”. In this page you have a step by step guide for configure your XCode for device compilation.

Unfortunately Apple forgot some of the instructions, here are the missing steps:

  • Your “Bundle identifier” property in the Info.plist file must have the same base url that you specify in the App ID tabs in the “Program Portal”. For example if your App ID is* your “Bundle identifier” must be com.your_company.my_app.
  • For Ad-Hoc distribuition you must create and add an Entitlement file called dist.plist to your project. In that file you must disable the “get-task-allow” property. After you create file you need to add it to your build configuration. Go the Build Menu and in the Code Signing section add a new property called “Code Signing Entitlements” and use the value “dist.plist”.
  • Remember you need to create a Distribution Profile in the “Program Portal” and use it in XCode a Developer Profile is only for direct compilation for your test device

You can find more detailed info here .

Update: Apple finally updated their documentation with this information.

See you soon.






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