Rename an Application

Sometimes you start a project with a name in mind for your application. Then you discover that the name is already taken by other app or you want to change it.

If you only want to change the name that appears bellow the application icon just go to your info.plist file and change the CGBundleDisplayName value.

But if you want to clean all references to the old name for the new name you will need to do the following:

  • Select the target in XCode and then do a get info.
  • Click on General and change the name.
  • Then go to build and scroll down and change any names there.
  • Close the project in XCode
  • After this open the [OldApp].xcodeproj folder
  • Edit the project.pbxproj file (better to do a backup of the file first) and do a search and replace for to
  • Open the project in XCode and check if everything , in case of any problem restore the old file.
  • Go to your info.plist and change the CGBundleDisplayName value.






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