Third Party Continuous Integration for iOS

Until recently if we wanted to have continuous integration for your iOS project we needed to create your own solution, normally it involved the creation of a Jenkins instance in a MacMini. Now with  Xcode 5 and the OSX Server we also have an official Apple alternative in the form of Xcode bots, but you still need fork for your own server.

Luckily in  the last months a lot of third party services are starting to appear that provide a good service, for private repositories and with decent prices.

  • Travis-CI, a big player in the open source projects, providing automatic building for thousands of projects in Github, it now has a commercial solution for private repositories. One of the big advantages is that it’s not limited to iOS you can build almost anything on it.
  • Buildozer.IO, a bit cheaper than Travis but only with support for iOS and Android projects.
  • MacBuildServer, still in the beta phase and only for open source projects.







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