Apple TV Tech Talks – London

I attended the Apple TV Tech Talks in London this week. They are part of a tour that developers and designers from Apple are doing around world to show the possibilities of the new Apple TV and share some insights on how to design and develop for it. 

The presentations where all very good with a lot of suggestions on how to optimise/improve your app in terms of UI/UX and tech. Even more valuable where the coding and UI/UX workshops where you could present your questions directly to an Apple engineer or designer. You could even get design review from one of the UX experts from Apple.

In conclusion it was great and concise conference about tvOS, in a way I think they are better than the WWDC because they are more focused and a lot less crowded! It was also a great opportunity to connect with London developers community and see some old colleagues. I hope they do them again next year!







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