Improving Offline Posting

Great article from my colleague Diego, about the new offline experience on the WordPress apps.

The best technology is invisible and reliable. You almost forget it’s there, because things just work. Bad technology never disappears into the background — it’s always visible, and worse, it gets in your way. We rarely stop to think “My, what good Wifi!” But we sure notice when the Wifi is iffy.

Good technology in an app requires solid offline support. A WordPress app should give you a seamless, reliable posting experience, and you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’re online or offline while using WordPress Mobile. And if we’ve done our jobs right, you won’t any more.

Getting Started

Our first step was a review of the current offline posting experience, done by a cross functional team composed of designers, QA engineers, and developers.

The process was pretty straightforward: we went offline, started testing, and taking notes. We also took into account support requests and existing bug reports.


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