Font Metrics update

I developed FontMetrics some years ago when I was working for several publishing clients. Clients in publishing normally want to use their own brand fonts and have precise requirements regarding layout and text alignments.

This was a bit tricky to do with the iOS text system at the time, so I developed this app to allow to preview fonts and check their different metrics. This allowed the design team to do quick checks on the fonts files provided by the client and to quickly find the metrics to use for layouts.

This week I finally got some free time so I decided to have a look what needed to be done to bring it up to iOS 10. The last time I updated this app was when iOS 7 was launched, so it really needed some TLC!

This was implemented way before Swift was a thing so all of the app was written in Objective-C, and when I started to look at the code I found a lot of small issues and some really bad code.

It’s very humbling to look at code that you developed some years ago, it really makes you understand that you are always learning and you can always improve.

The app was so simple that I decided to update all code to Swift and do some much needed updates to the UI/UX.

I’m pretty happy with the end result so I decided to make the app open source and publish the repo on GitHub, bug reports and PRs are welcome!







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