Aztec: A native HTML editor

One of the most important aspects of the WordPress app is the post editor, after all the content generated by our users is what make their site different from all the others. Since we started developing the WordPress apps, we wanted to provide the best writing experience to our users, writing is already hard by…

Font Metrics update

I developed FontMetrics some years ago when I was working for several publishing clients. Clients in publishing normally want to use their own brand fonts and have precise requirements regarding layout and text alignments. This was a bit tricky to do with the iOS text system at the time, so I developed this app to…

Quicker Unit Test in iOS

Today while reviewing a PR on the WordPress iOS app just found about this very interesting technique to make iOS unit tests run quicker and more contained. Simple and very efficient.  

Logging in Swift

Here is my poor man version of logging for SWIFT This method besides printing your message it shows the file name, the line and the function method where the log was made. The file, function and line numbers are extracted using literal expressions. This makes it easier to find where the log message come from…


I really like DVR approach to networking testing. So much better than mocking.