Aztec: A native HTML editor

One of the most important aspects of the WordPress app is the post editor, after all the content generated by our users is what make their site different from all the others.

Since we started developing the WordPress apps, we wanted to provide the best writing experience to our users, writing is already hard by itself so you don’t need that the tool you are using to write to be complex, slow, or error prone.

Last August my team at Automattic started a project called Aztec, the ambitious goal was to have HTML editor that could support the same feature set has our web editor but completely written in native code.

After some hard working months, we are now releasing the first beta version of the editor in our native apps. If you want to know more you can read the official release post here and for the more technical inclined an architecture overview is available here. You can also check our open source code on our Github repo.

Remember this is not limited to be used on the WordPress apps, you can use it in any app that needs an HTML editor.

Pull Requests are welcome!







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